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What is CarBuyingMachine?

CarBuyingMachine is an online valuation tool and lead generator designed to find cars for sale in your local area.

Why is it different to other online valuation sites?

CarBuyingMachine is designed by car retailers FOR car retailers, not to compete against them.

Unlike other platforms which invariably quote low and find reasons to adjust even lower and then charge FEES on top, CarBuyingMachine allows the customer to input a desired price. The Agent and customer are now in discussion to reach a mutually acceptable price based on accurate appraisal and real-world experience that an online platform simply cannot provide.

And no FEE is payable by the customer.

Arnold Clark and Peter Vardy also offer online buying via their websites but they are for their own benefit, not yours.

Do you struggle to source stock?

CarBuyingMachine will provide you with ready-made appointments and put you in front of customers who are in market to sell their car.

Now you can buy retail stock direct from the consumer and the price you pay is in YOUR hands, unlike MOTORWAY, you are not bidding against anyone else.

Isn't there a well-known company doing this already?

Yes, there is. We Buy Any Car, but that business takes away quality part exchanges, cars you have previously supplied to your own customers and resells them to the whole market via their parent company, British Car Auctions.

We Buy Any Car is also affiliated with Cinch, who are competing to SELL cars to your customers, just like Carzam and Cazoo.

CarBuyingMachine puts you, the Dealer, exclusively in contact with customers who are in market to SELL a car because they are in market to BUY a car.

As an Agent, you could potentially BUY a local, quality car for stock and SELL a car from your forecourt to the same customer!

CarBuyingMachine is a BUYING and SELLING tool for your business.

I have never heard of CarBuyingMachine!

Originally established back in 2013, CarBuyingMachine trialled the website, home based appointments, and no customer fee in a small, local area only and found the consumers were genuinely delighted with the personal, convenient and no fee approach.

In recent times CarBuyingMachine has been working hard with selected pilot dealers to refine the website, online functionality and identify agents to expand the offer UK wide.

The pilot phase is now complete resulting in significantly increased referral volumes, numerous important feature updates based on live experience and a platform that, in the words of one agent, “Now I have found CarBuyingMachine I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.”

Digital media content, a marketing plan and budget have also now been prepared in readiness for a UK launch.

No limits

CarBuyingMachine offers our agents unlimited appointments.

Join us and show the online disrupters that the Motor Trade thrives because it has always been physical, is improving rapidly at being digital and is 100% ready and able to be phygital.

Customers want to buy and sell online, but they also want to visit showrooms, deal face to face with people and have a genuine, reputable and experienced aftersales facility to provide a relationship and post-delivery service that Click and Deliver will NEVER replicate.

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How it works

At CarBuyingMachine we come to your choice of location, home, work or other at your convenience. All our valuations are 100% no obligation. For more information visit our FAQs page.

We DO NOT charge any fees, the price you are offered is what we will pay if your description is fair and accurate.